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Intestinal Methane Overgrowth (IMO)

 We receive inquiries from practitioners almost every day. It's beneficial to share cases, opinions, and evidence of how BN could potentially help with other practitioners.



I have a client with intestinal methane overgrowth who has got issues with histamine, do you have success with these patients?



I consulted with Dr. Masayuki Sano, MD regarding intestinal methane overgrowth (IMO) and how BN could help with the condition.

He mentioned that BN aids in rebalancing the gut microbiome, and once the gut microbiome is rebalanced, methane production should cease, thus improving the condition.

Regarding histamine issues, when the gut microbiome is in poor condition, histamine cannot be metabolized or excreted effectively, leading to high levels of histamine in the body. However, with improved and rebalanced gut microbiome, there's a good chance of improving this issue.