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Arrhythmia & Heart Condition x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

Name: Akio Oosaka

Age: 72

I had medical checkup and found out that I have an Arrhythmia a condition in which the heart that beats irregular. Since then, I felt the abnormal change in my body and had a complete examination. As a result of the examination, I was diagnosed as an insufficiency of the coronary artery valve andI was recommended to have a surgery to replace to an artificial valve.

I was introduced Bio-Normalizer from my friends in February 2009. About 3 days later since a single ingestion dose was changed from 3 g to 6 g, canker sores started to grow. The canker sores were cured about one week, but another came out before the previous part was cured. I stopped taking Bio-Normalizer and had the prescribed stomach medicine by a doctor, One week later, as the canker sore was cured, I started taking Bio-Normalizer by adjusting its dose, and then I had canker sores again. Since the symptom has been repeated few times, it became the difficult status for canker sores to grow.

Then, I started feel that my body was getting light. Moreover, my hunch back, which was getting chronic and its related pain, was abated. I was bothered by the canker sores by taking Bio-Normalizer. However, I realized later on that the reason was the reaction from repairing the dam-aged stomach.

I kept taking 6 g of Bio-Normalizer every day from the month of May. Then, the irregular pulse (arrhythmia) has disappeared, my physical strength has improved and I regained a good complexion. I became healthy again. Of course, my condition surprisingly improved so that the people around me were amazed on my condition. I am grateful that I can have enjoyable and happy every day.

Not only me, I have heard and seen many stories of other personal experience of Bio-Normalizer

Addition to this, the experience of New Type Influenza made me feel that mighty Bio-Normalizer is my friend and quite safe.

I sincerely appreciate my friend who introduced Bio-Normalizer, which has magical power.