Benefits/ Clinical Research

Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme known as Bio Normalizer is a very unique food supplement. More than 130 academic papers have been published, based on clinical research in the last 5 decades.

Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme would help to improve the quality of life by:

boosting immune system

improving probiotics/ gut health

having better sleep

slowing down the ageing process

Why “Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme”?

  1. Most food enzymes lose its activity by 42℃. to 48℃and in gastric acid/ stomach. However, Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme does not lose its enzymic activity even at a 100℃ temperature and gastric acid
  2. Traditional Japanese fermentation process with yeast/ Sun-O strain that Dr Osato discovered, produces lots of probiotics within green papaya which would promote your gut health.*If the yeast/ strain is different, the result of fermented food will be different. You may find similar products but it is not the original one.  
  3. It is proven that it is safe for children and pregnant women to eat. *If you have any food allergy with reference to the ingredients, please do not eat. 
  4. Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme known as Bio Normalizer has been discussed in more than 130 academic papers.
  5.  Green papayas contain polyphenol of about 7.5 times that of a red wine.


      Clinical research has been conducted in the last 5 decades. All the academic papers are available in English for medical professionals and scientists.


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      The academic papers cover







      Infectious Diseases







      General Medicine







      The following are acclaimed research institutes that have published academic research papers about Bio-Normalizer/ Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme:


      🇯🇵 Japan

      Okayama University

      Gifu University

      Shimane University 

      Ehime University

      Nagoya City University

      Osaka Dental University

      Yamagata Technopolis Foundation

      FALCO Research Institute/ National Cancer Center East Hospital Gastroenterology Department

      Incorporated Foundation Kyoto Louis Pasteur Medical Research Center


      🇺🇸 USA

      Berkeley School of the University of California 


      🇫🇷 France

      University of Bordeaux

      Econam Research Institute 


      🇮🇹 Italy

      Sapienza School of the University of Rome 

      St. Anna Hospital 

      Niguarda Hospital 


      🇵🇭 The Philippines

      University of Sto. Tomas

      Bicol Hospital

      Natural Science Research Institute of the University of Sto. Tomas


      🇷🇺 Russia

      National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

      Russian National Medical University

      Russian Children's Hematology Institute 

      Russia Vitamin Research Institute 


      These are the magazines that have articles about Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme in Japan!!