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General cold & Pet x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

I have been taking Bio (Bio Normalizer, Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme) for around 2 years. When I feel unwell, I take more, so I adjust the amount I take, depending upon my conditions.

Thankfully, I have been well without any serious health concerns so far.

When I feel that I may have a cold, I take 2 or 3 sachets at bed time and then my body feels lighter the next morning without any fever. Bio Normalizer has been a great support for my health.

My dear dog, Becky is 14 years old. She has been suffering from a heart condition since 2017. She has been taking a medication for that. Becky also takes Bio, I have recently increased the amount of Bio Normalizer she takes from 1 g to 3 g per day. Amazingly, her appetite got much better similar to when she was younger and she gained weight again. She has been well. Next month(Nov 2020), she will be 15 years old. I am hoping that I can spend time with her as long as she can.

- S.T.