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HIV Positive x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

Name: Gerry (assumed name)

On the 3rd quarter of January 2011, I went to a Health Care Provider with a chief complaint of fungal infections inside my mouth including my tongue. I was advised for a laboratory test but I refused and instead self-medicated with antifungal gargle and ointment, but this didn't provide any relief.

March 2011, I came back to the same Health Care Provider with a worsened condition and insisted that I undergo a lab test. The membrane of my mouth became inflamed including my tongue which is also accompanied by mouth eruptions. She gave me Bio-Normalizer and advised me to take it regularly but I didn't take it seriously and I never came back.

On August 2011, I met a vehicular accident and was rushed to the nearest hospital. I was ordered for an operation, but before the operation, I underwent a series of blood examinations and the laboratory tests revealed that I am positive for HIV. After the operation, I was discharged from the hospital and was advised to cure my disease outside of the hospital. I sought second opinions and diagnostic tests to other hospitals but I was told of the same diagnosis.

On the first week of September 2011, I became weak and was bedridden at home, my mouth sores increased, my mouth and tongue became more inflamed accompanied by pus and drooling saliva. I was unable to eat and felt so weak, I thought it was my end. I was hopeless. I lost my job. My friends and relatives turned their backs against me for the fear that I had a contagious disease.

On the second week of September 2011, I called the same Health Care Provider and came with Bio-Normalizer at hand. I was instructed to take Bio-Normalizer. It was difficult for me at first because I can't swallow anything and my mouth is full of sores; my mouth was so painful and can't accept anything inside it.
But I had no choice. I took the full dose of Bio-Normalizer and after three days, I was able to get out of bed and was able to swallow food. For just two weeks of continuous Bio-Normalizer intake, I was able to regain my appetite and can eat my meals regularly.

At present, my mouth sores was almost healed. My mouth and tongue were no longer inflamed. Thank you for sharing such a nice product which helped me cope with my disease.