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Malaria Fever x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

Name: Peter Ipago

My name is Peter Ipago and I come from the Southern Highlands Province. I am married to a woman from Gabadi, We have six children and three grandchildren.

Malaria has become a part of my life since I married and moved to live with my wife in her village. I have no ill feelings toward my wife, her family and her village. I love her village and call it my home.

But because the sickness malaria is ever present in my wife's village, at any given day, somebody comes down with this sickness. I unfortunately

usually come down with this sickness so when I am sick, I am down for about two weeks. I always head over to the local aid post to get chloroquine and other antibiotics.

In early August of 2002, I came up to Port Moresby to do some carpentry work for my brother and his wife when I felt the symptoms of a malaria attack. Towards the afternoon, I felt that I no longer could complete the job I was asked to do, as the malaria and the fever associated with it had weakened me. It was at this point that I went and laid down under a cool shade for an hour and was about to go to the place where I was being accommodated that my sister in-law saw and asked me how I was feeling. I then told her of the condition I was in.

She immediately took out a bottle of Bio-Normalizer, took six tablets out and told me to chew them. Within 30 to 40 minutes, I started to sweat profusely, so I went around to the back of the house, had a little shower by the tap, and went to sleep. An hour after I woke up, the symptoms of malaria that I had been gone. It was amazing. I felt normal and experienced no dizziness which is usually how I felt when I took chloroquine.

This experience has made me testify as to how powerful this product, Bio-Normalizer is. I have also taken the liberty of telling my family, friends, and relatives to buy this product and feel the difference whenever they are ill with malaria or other related sicknesses.