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Psoriasis (4) x Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme

I first stated developing psoriasis on my right forearm at the age of 24 and it has been a constant irritating companion over the subsequent 30 years.

Over that time I have tried many different emollients which are viewed as a crucial plan for many people with psoriasis. This included creams, ointments and moisturizers. None of them had any impact. Last year I spoke to a specialist who advocated a series of injections which cost $2000 a time, and needed to be administered as a course. Unfortunately out of my budget and with no guarantees of being successful I decided against pursuing that path and resigned myself to a life time with psoriasis. That was until I came across Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme (Bio Normalizer). I had actually started taking it for some other ailments, but 10 days in I was asked how my psoriasis was by a family member. I rolled up the sleeve of my shirt and could not believe what I saw. The psoriasis had completely gone! I was completely speechless, and incredulous that Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme (Bio Normalizer) could completely cure my psoriasis in such a short period of time. Here are a before and after photo to show you the difference.

- S.N. (April 2021)