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The Nutrition Network Competition!

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Fermented Green Papaya Enzyme is:
🌱100% Natural
🌱No additives
The following benefits have been clinically proven:
🔸Free radical regulation properties:
Removes 5% of superoxide radicals
Removes 95% of hydroxyl radicals
Induces and adjusts SOD and catalase activities
Induces nitric oxide synthesis in the body
🔸Bacteriostatic action:
Hinders harmful bacterial growth under natural conditions
🔸Metal ion chelation property:
Detoxifies the body of accumulated lead or platinum components, such as cisplatin used in anti-cancer treatments, and is excreted in urine or sweat
🔸Immuno-modulating property:
Activates macrophages and inhibits neutrophil activity
Activates natural killer cells that attack cancer cells
Increases the production of γ-interferon in the presence of viruses within the body
🔸Anti-aging action:
Enhances the activation of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and suppresses lipid oxidation

We look forward to receiving entries from many of you!

The closing date:  - Tuesday 25th June 2024